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Absolut Pears Vodka

Absolut Pears Vodka


By Robert Plotkin

The world's most successful flavor franchise grew by one in 2007 with the release of premium Absolut® Pears Vodka. The pear-infused spirit is delectable and elegant, remarkably similar in character to a fine poire eau-de-vie. Graced with an enticing bouquet and a crisp, cocktail-friendly flavor, Absolut Pears is making itself right at home behind any bar.

Made in Åhus, Sweden, Absolut Vodkas are quadruple-distilled in continuous still from winter wheat and purified well water. To produce Absolut Pears, the vodka is run through the still along with an infusion of tender Anjou pears and all-natural ingredients. It contains no sugar or artificial flavorings and is bottled at 80-proof. Clearly Absolut Pears was created with a chilled cocktail glass in mind. The lightweight, satiny textured vodka has a focused bouquet of sliced pears, a delightfully dry palate and a lingering, flavor-laden finish. It’s an inspired contemporary spirit with no equal behind the bar.

Another glorious way to begin a cocktail is with a jigger of lip-smacking Absolut® Ruby Red Vodka. Launched worldwide in 2006, it is best described as voluptuous. The top-shelf vodka has a true to fruit bouquet and an exuberant palate energized with the naturally zesty flavor of ruby red grapefruit. Its finish is thankfully long and satisfying.

In 2005 we got our first taste of the succulent Absolut® Apeach Vodka, which derives its identity from a delicious infusion of several peach varieties—some selected for their bouquet, others for their taste—and tropical fruit for added depth of flavor.