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Absolut Raspberri Vodka

Raspberri Vodka


By Robert Plotkin

Those of us who spent our childhood summers with stained fingers from feasting on wild raspberries off the vine will appreciate the authentic character of Absolut® Raspberri Vodka. It recreates the sensory experience perfectly, right down to the tart and zesty flavor and green notes of the sun-warmed vines—and does so with elegance and finesse.

Launched in 2004, Absolut Raspberri is made at Absolut Distillery in southern Sweden. It's quadruple-distilled in a continuous still from winter wheat and purified well water and contains no sugar or artificial flavorings. In the final stage of distillation, the master distiller passes the vodka through the still along with an infusion of locally grown raspberries.

Absolut Raspberri begins to seduce the senses the moment it hits the glass. The crystal clear, 80-proof vodka has a trim athletic body and a generous, true to fruit bouquet other flavored vodkas would kill for. Its palate is masterfully balanced between sweet and tart and the rich taste of freshly picked raspberries, which persists long into the finish.

Equally impressive is its creative range behind the bar. Absolut Raspberri is popularly featured in everything from Martinis, Cosmopolitans and Gimlets to specialty White Russians, adult milkshakes and Champagne cocktails.

Another runaway hit for the brand is Absolut Mandrin Vodka. Its engaging, distinctive personality is created using an all-natural infusion of mandarin oranges and other citrus. The result is a highly aromatic spirit brimming with spry citrus flavors and a lingering silky finish.