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Absolut Vanilia Vodka

Absolut Vanilia Vodka


By Robert Plotkin

Since its introduction in 2003, premium Absolut® Vanilia Vodka has been a workhorse behind bars. It afforded bartenders the opportunity for the first time to add the irresistible aroma and flavor of vanilla in cocktails without adding unwanted sweetness. In fact, it doesn't contain sugar, sweeteners or artificial flavors. The crystalline 80-proof vodka is a classically structured spirit—aromatic, silky smooth and universally appealing.

The Absolut Distillery is located in Åhus on the southern coast of Sweden. Its famous range of vodkas is quadruple-distilled from winter wheat and purified well water in a continuous still. To create Absolut Vanilia, the master distiller runs the vodka through the still along with an infusion of Madagascar vanilla beans and all-natural ingredients.

The reasons for Vanilia's phenomenal success are as perfectly clear as the vodka itself. The Swedish all-star has a svelte, lightweight body and enticing vanilla and cocoa aromas. The vodka gets to work immediately bathing the palate with the comforting, bakery-like flavors of vanilla, toffee and dark chocolate. Delivering its flavor payload without the accompanying sweetness that plague similar products is a greatly appreciated trait.

Absolut Vanilia seems to know no limits when it comes to drink making and is ideally featured in cocktails, mixed drinks, adult milkshakes and specialty coffees.

In 2007, the distillery launched the first in a series of city-inspired flavored vodkas. Absolut® New Orleans Vodka is a savory limited edition infused with mangoes and black pepper. It's been followed by Absolut Los Angeles, an all-natural blend of blueberry, açai, acerola and pomegranate. Proceeds from their sales go to charity.