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Agavero Liqueur

Agavero El Original
Licor de Tequila


By Robert Plotkin

Tequila has captured America's collective imagination and for the past 20-years it has been a dominant player in the popular scene. Now for the first time the robust and exotic flavor of tequila has been captured in an amazingly sultry import, top-shelf Agavero El Original Licor de Tequila.

While new to this country, the popular liqueur originated in 1857 at Los Camichines Hacienda in Jalisco, Mexico, perhaps best known as makers of the much sought after Tequila Gran Centenario. Don Lazaro Gallardo, the distillery's founder and patriarch of the Gallardo family, created the elegant agave liqueur to be savored on special occasions.

The 64-proof liqueur is produced using a sophisticated blend of barrel-aged tequilas, both a reposado and a 2-year old reserve añejo. The secret ingredient in Agavero's well-guarded recipe is a unique tea brewed from Damiana, an aromatic flower indigenous to the mountains of Jalisco. Damiana is a revered plant in Mexico and is purported to be an aphrodisiac.

Agavero Tequila Liqueur should be sipped neat to fully appreciate how delicious it is. The liqueur has a supple, medium-weight body and a spicy, floral bouquet. Its palate delivers a well-balanced array of herbal enriched, semisweet flavors. The character of the tequila is revealed in its relaxed finish.

Agavero is a highly romantic product with scores of applications behind the bar, most notably as a modifier in specialty Margaritas. Mixing the liqueur with the tequila of your choice and ice is another "can't miss" proposition.