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Tequila Alquimia Reserva de Don Adolfo Extra Anejo 100% de Agave

Tequila Alquimia
Reserva de Don
Adolfo Extra Añejo
100% de Agave


By Robert Plotkin

It is increasingly apparent that we and our industrial ways have adversely affected the Earth. Plastics, pesticides, herbicides, petrochemicals and greenhouse gases are but a few of the toxic stew that we have unleashed on our unsuspecting planet. Reversing the process seems daunting on a personal level. Really, what can one individual do to affect change?

Actually there are many things you can do about these global issues. One of them is to vote your concerns and buy a bottle of Tequila Alquimia 100% de Agave. Heck, buy all four, they're marvelous tequilas.

What's so special about Tequila Alquimia? This family-owned and operated spirit brand is 100% natural, USDA certified organic and is handcrafted using completely sustainable and eco-friendly. All aspects of production maintain a proper balance of the old world and the new—a marriage of alchemy, modern science and Mexican culture. The family patriarch, Dr. Adolfo Murillo, has for more than 20 years been dedicated to eliminating all use of toxic chemicals and helping other ranchers throughout Mexico to subscribe to environmentally responsible growing practices.

Tequila Alquimia is made at Grupo Tequilero México [NOM 1468] entirely from organic, estate grown blue agaves on the family ranch in Arandas. The agaves are harvested only when they have reached their peak of quality and ripeness. After harvesting, the agaves are taken to the distillery where they are baked in a stone oven. The agaves are then shredded and allowed to slowly ferment using natural airborne yeasts. The fermented wash—called mosto—is transferred to a stainless steel alembic still where it twice distilled. The range of tequilas is bottled at 40% alcohol (80 proof) and packaged in specially designed bottles made of recycled glass by a family of glass blowers in Tonalá, Jalisco.

The portfolio's elder statesman is award winning Tequila Alquimia Reserva de Don Adolfo Extra Añejo 100% de Agave. This ultra-sophisticated añejo is aged a minimum of 6 years is charred, American white oak barrels. During its protracted stay in wood, the tequila develops a deep amber/golden hue, a velvety textured, medium-weight body and a wafting bouquet of vanilla, caramel, anise, plums, cinnamon, dried herbs and toasted oak, all of which are faithfully recreated on the palate. The entry is soft and gentle and raises little to no heat as it expands filling the mouth with luxurious and thankfully long-lasting flavor. The Reserva is a most impressive spirit deserves to be savored leisurely.

The Tequila Alquimia Añejo 100% de Agave is barrel-aged for just under 3 years, significantly longer than the year most other añejos on the market are aged. The first sip will confirm that the extra time was well spent. The amber/gold tequila has a satiny, medium-weight body and a generous fruit and spice bouquet. The smooth, lingering finish is spicy, fruity and thoroughly delicious.

Barrel aged for 6 months, the Tequila Alquimia Reposado 100% de Agave has a lively bouquet of vanilla, honey and dried fruit. Its aromatics are quite enticing and well worth the price of admission. The palate is a lavish affair featuring floral, spicy, fruity and oaky flavors that persist throughout the long and satisfying finish.

The unaged version—Tequila Alquimia Blanco 100% de Agave—is a lovely artisanal spirit bottled straight from the still. It has ideal clarity, a seamlessly smooth body and a bouquet laced with cinnamon, red plums and black pepper with light citrus notes. The tequila's entry is remarkably soft and gentle as it bathes the palate with peppery, zesty flavor. A delectable blanco from start to prolonged finish.

Don Adolfo insists that his all-natural methods have had a significant affect on the estate's agaves. His plants average weights far exceed those typically realized from using conventional farming practices. Plus, his agaves tend to develop deeper root systems that allow the plants to absorb harder to reach trace elements in the soil, all of which contribute to the tequila's laudable complexity.

Dr. Murillo also spends much of his time teaching the benefits of organic farming techniques to other growers throughout Mexico. He currently has ongoing teaching projects in 6 different states dealing with crops such as avocados, tomatoes, strawberries, citrus, chiles, garlic, as well as blue agaves. He believes by teaching others what he has learned that a critical mass can one day be achieved. Then, he says, it will start to impact people's lives and the environment.