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Arrogante Anejo 100%  Agave Tequila

Arrogante Añejo 100%
Agave Tequila


By Robert Plotkin

Amatitán is located just north of Guadalajara in the famed tequila-producing region of Jalisco. The tequilas that originate in Amatitán are characteristically soft and sophisticated. An outstanding example of just how elegant these spirits can be is Arrogante Añejo 100% Agave Tequila.

The tequila is handcrafted at Impulsora Rombo (NOM 1467), which is located in the highlands of Jalisco. The mature agaves used in production are cultivated in the volcanic, nutrient rich soil of the Los Altos Mountains. Although more costly and labor intensive, the distillery continues making tequila using traditional techniques.

For example, the harvested agaves are first baked in clay ovens for up to 3 days and allowed to slowly ferment for 72-96 hours using proprietary, chemical-free strains of yeast. The extra long fermentation at low temperatures ensures that the sugars in the agave are fully converted into alcohol. These sugars account for the complex fruity flavors present in the finished tequila. The fermented juice—called "mosto"—is then double distilled in copper pot stills. Arrogante Tequilas are bottled in hand-painted, wide-mouth jars at 80 proof.

Ultra-premium Arrogante Añejo is a slice of the good life. Matured in charred, American white oak barrels for a minimum of 18 months, the tequila has a luminous amber/gold appearance, a velvety, medium-weight body and a brilliant floral bouquet. It has a gentle entry and immediately bathes the palate with the flavors of vanilla, caramel, citrus and baking spice. The long creamy finish is laced with notes of toasted oak.

The Arrogante Reposado 100% Agave Tequila is equally engaging. It is barrel aged for 6 months in ex-bourbon casks, during which the tequila acquires a luminous amber hue. The reposado has a lush medium-weight body, an herbal and spice nose and a delectable palate featuring the long lasting flavors of black pepper, fresh ginger, cloves and orange zest. It possesses a broad range of spice and delicate fruit notes on the finish.

Fans of silver 100% agave tequila will take an immediate liking to Arrogante Blanco. Bottled fresh from the still, the tequila is crystal clear and redolent of black pepper, black plums and roasted chiles. It has a satiny smooth body and spicy, peppery and herbaceous palate.

The Arrogante trio makes marvelous ambassadors for the unbridled joys of Highland tequilas. Salud!