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Bacardi Superior Rum

Bacardi Superior Light Rum


By Robert Plotkin

In 1862, Don Facundo Bacardi purchased a small, tin-roofed distillery in Santiago, Cuba complete with a copper and cast iron pot still. He then dedicated himself to enhancing every step of rum production, such as improving the quality of raw ingredients, lengthening fermentation and employing innovative aging and blending techniques. Bacardi also added a step to the production process never attempted before. He filtered the rum through charcoal to remove trace impurities and color. The result was a lighter, smoother and more refined rum than any of its contemporaries—Bacardi Superior Rum.

There are a number of factors that make Bacardi rums singular. The yeast used to precipitate fermentation is the same strain discovered and cultivated by Don Facundo Bacardi in Cuba. It contributes greatly to their rum's distinctive flavor and character. Along with the yeast, purified water and nutrients are added to molasses to create the fermentable mash. Bacardi rums are blends of spirits distilled in both four-column stills and pot stills. The continuous stills yield lighter style rums, while the pot stills produce fuller bodied, richly flavored spirits.

Whereas most distillers don't barrel-age their silver rums, Bacardi matures Superior for a minimum of a year in charred, American white oak. Over that time it develops a lustrous gold color. The rum's famed transparency comes from being charcoal filtered, an involved process that strips away all traces of color. It's bottled at 80 proof.

Bacardi Superior is crystal clear with a smooth lightweight body and a delicate bouquet of caramel and fresh floral aromas. The rum quickly fills the mouth with the enticing flavors of tropical fruit, lemon zest, vanilla and dark chocolate that persist long into the creamy, slightly spicy finish.
It would be an oversight not to mention that Bacardi's revolutionary white rum marries beautifully with just about anything that can be put into a glass. From the first Cuba Libre to the timeless Bacardi Cocktail, the brand has made an indelible impression on drink making in America. Thank goodness and ¡Vive Le Revolucione!

Bacardi Gold is also highly prized behind the bar. The silky smooth rum has cocoa, walnut and toasted oak aromas and a vanilla and spice palate. It's comprised of the same continuous-distilled and pot-distilled rums as the Superior. However, there are two significant differences between them. Where the Superior has pristine clarity, the Bacardi Gold has glorious oak-induced color, the result of spending 2 years in oak. The 80-proof rum is not filtered so as to preserve its natural golden appearance.

Bacardi Select Rum is a vivacious, full-flavored spirit. The constituent rums in its blend are aged between 1 and 4 years in white oak barrels and filtered through charcoal. The 80-proof rum has a rich amber color with auburn hues and a bouquet brimming of molasses, vanilla and toasted oak. Its outward appearance lends the impression that it's a hefty, full-bodied spirit, which is not the case. Bacardi Select has a trim, slender body that delivers slightly smoky, slightly sweet flavors that fade into a graceful, lingering finish.

Introduced in 1998, highly acclaimed Bacardi 8 Ron Reserva Superior is a world-class caliber rum. A quick swirl, sniff and sip and you'll understand why the Bacardi family once reserved this añejo for their private consumption. Bacardi 8 is a blend of continuous-distilled and pot-distilled rums made according to a recipe created by Don Facundo Bacardi in 1862. The rums in its blend were aged a minimum of 8 years in select, charred American white oak barrels. It's lightly filtered and bottled at 80 proof.

Bacardi 8 Ron Reserva Superior has a golden/amber hue, excellent clarity and a bouquet imbued with apricots and vanilla. The soft and well rounded rum bathes the palate with toasty cocoa and caramel flavors and finishes warm and thoroughly satisfying. Bacardi 8 Reserva Superior is an añejo to be savored in an unhurried moment.

Although originally from Cuba, Bacardi rums are now synonymous with the island and people of Puerto Rico. It has become the largest selling spirits brand in the world. Pretty impressive for a company that's only been around for 150 years.