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Baileys Irish Cream

Baileys Original Irish
Cream Liqueur


By Robert Plotkin

The makers of Baileys Original Irish Cream Liqueur are justifiably proud of being the world's first Irish cream liqueur. Arguably the finest example of Irish cream, it immediately became an international sensation after debuting in 1979 and is now the bestselling liqueur on the planet.

Created by R. & A. Bailey Company of Dublin, Ireland, the liqueur is made from a base of dairy cream not more than 2 hours old. The quality and fresh flavor of the cream is the most important ingredient in a liqueur of its type. Baileys is made with the highest grade of dairy fresh cream possible. The cream is infused with aged, triple-distilled Irish whiskey and natural vanilla and chocolate flavorings. The liqueur is homogenized to ensure that the flavors become fully integrated and the ingredients don’t separate. It’s pasteurized and bottled at 34-proof.

Baileys Irish Cream is an elegant taste sensation that deserves its international preeminence. The liqueur has a beige hue and a luscious, medium-weight body. The bouquet is decidedly creamy with engaging aromas of whiskey and chocolate. It spreads a wealth of flavors over the palate; alternating notes of vanilla, chocolate and whiskey. The dairy-wrapped flavors persist long into the luxurious finish.

Baileys is absolutely marvelous served chilled, straight-up or over ice. As any mixologist will attest, the liqueur has unlimited applications behind the bar, as evidenced by the long list of cocktails in which it is featured. It's virtually a beverage program in a bottle.