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Balvenie Single Malt

The Balvenie Single Barrel
15-Year Old Single Malt
Scotch Whisky


By Robert Plotkin

The Speyside district of the Scottish Highlands is the home of the Balvenie Distillery, which opened its doors on May 1, 1893. How those craftsmen went about making whisky that day continues on largely unchanged. The distillery still grows its own barley and produces traditional floor maltings. Successive generations have preserved the distillery's reputation for creating honey-toned whiskeys with just a hint of peat. The Balvenie Single Barrel 15-Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky typifies their commitment to excellence.

This distinguished Speyside malt is aged a minimum of 15-years in American oak barrels and drawn from a single cask of an individual distillation. The distillery’s Malt Master selects only those casks whose whiskies possess the requisite characteristics that have become the hallmark of this exquisite malt. The contents of each barrel can fill about 300 hand-numbered (750mL) bottles. Even whiskies distilled in the same batch mature differently once in the barrel, which means that when the contents of an individual cask are gone, so goes that slice of life.

The Balvenie® PortWood Single Malt is a 21-year old whisky matured in traditional oak barrels and then transferred to seasoned port pipes. The result is an exceptionally complex whisky with a lush body and an array of sweet, wine influenced flavors.

The distillery's range also includes The Balvenie 10-Year Old Founder's Reserve—a 10-year old malt with a sherry laced bouquet and fabulously spicy palate—and The Balvenie Doublewood—an intriguing, 12-year old whisky aged first in bourbon barrels and then ex-sherry butts.