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Blackbeard Spiced Rum

BlackBeard Spiced Rum


By Robert Plotkin

Back in the day, spices and flavorings were added to rum to mask its imperfections or character defects. Perhaps that's why people rarely spoke of spiced rum with deference. That is until recently when mainstream America became enamored with the considerable joys of sipping aged rums. The more discerning we all became, the more suppliers began to realize that perhaps a sounder course of action was to add spices and flavorings to premium, well aged rum. A brilliant example of that enlightened thinking is BlackBeard Spiced Rum.

In fact the brand bears several cachets of quality. First and foremost, BlackBeard Spiced Rum is made by the good folks at Destilleria Serrallés, which is located outside of the city of Ponce on Puerto Rico's southern coast. Founded in 1865, it is one of the oldest family-owned and operated businesses in the Americas. The famed distillery has a reputation for excellence and is best known as the makers of Don Q Puerto Rican Rum, an internationally successful brand launched in 1935. An even loftier achievement, the company has invested significant time, knowledge and resources transforming Destilleria Serrallés into one of the cleanest and greenest distilleries in the spirits industry.

BlackBeard Spiced Rum is crafted on a foundation of barrel-aged, molasses-based, continuous- and pot-distilled Puerto Rican rums. The blend is then patiently steeped with a proprietary recipe of Caribbean spices—including vanilla, nutmeg and cinnamon—and exotic tropical fruits. After the desired flavor profile is attained, the rum is rendered to 43% alcohol by volume (86 proof).

If you're in the market for sensational spiced rum sporting both high quality and a modest price tag, look no further. BlackBeard has a luminescent honey/yellow hue, a silky lightweight body and a wafting cocoa, vanilla bean, caramel and cinnamon bouquet. The rum's aromatic signature is absolutely irresistible. It quickly bathes the palate with the warming flavors of vanilla, caramel and baking spice. Equally enjoyable is that you can perceive the flavor of the rum, a rarity for other brands in the category. The lingering palate is medium-dry and lip-smacking good.

Pay no heed to its relatively unadorned packaging; BlackBeard is a classy spirit that prefers to fly under the radar. It's a delicious rum that offers mixologists of all ranks an opportunity to showcase a distinctive set of flavors and aromatics in their cocktails and tall, mixed drinks.

Following in its namesake's footsteps, BlackBeard Spiced Rum is a romantic figure bound to achieve great things. ¡Salud!