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Blackheart Premium Spiced Rum

Blackheart Premium
Spiced Rum


By Robert Plotkin

Blackheart Premium Spiced RUM well deserves its tagline, "Seduction in a bottle." Actually, the seduction begins with the label and the depiction of Blackheart herself. She is the sultry temptress of the high seas—dressed provocatively in pirate attire with a cutlass and an eye patch. A most able bodied seamen, she looks like she could out-skipper the best. Fortunately for us, the high-octane spirit that bears her name is equally sensational.

Made by Heaven Hill in Bardstown, Kentucky, Blackheart is a blend of premium Caribbean rums and baking spices. To accentuate its rebellious nature, the rum is bottled at 46.5 percent alcohol by volume (93 proof). While many light-bodied spirits don't perform well at high proof, this bold, well-crafted rum easily handles the additional alcohol.

Blackheart embodies an edgy, hip lifestyle and is ideally suited for urban swashbucklers tired of the staid and conventional. The rum has a dark amber appearance, a velvety medium-weight body and a spicy wafting bouquet. The aromatics alone confirm you're in the presence of a genuinely remarkable spirit. Being 93 proof means that it contains less water, which is why the rum is so exceptionally flavorful. Its distinctive taste profile is chock full of vanilla, zesty citrus and warm spices. The rum finishes long, soothing and thoroughly delicious.

Here's a spiced rum that can do more than jazz up a glass of cola. While a dandy mixer, Blackheart is a superb choice to marry with lime sour mix in a Daiquiri, in a tall blended Piña Colada, or even featured with hot herbal tea. It's a cocktail-friendly spirit, which like its pin-up worthy namesake, is delectable in all respects.