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Blue Ice Vodka

Blue Ice American Vodka


By Robert Plotkin

Blue Ice Vodka well deserves its reputation as one of the genuinely extraordinary American vodkas. This world-class neutral spirit is made at the Distilled Resources distillery in Rigby, Idaho, one of the few distillers of potato vodka in the United States. Located by the slopes of the Grand Tetons, the distillery handcrafts spirits as pristine as its surroundings. Blue Ice Vodka is an excellent example.

Achieving essential purity is enormously challenging. The all-natural, additive-free vodka is quadruple-distilled entirely from Idaho Russet Burbank potatoes and pristine spring water drawn from a 200-foot deep aquifer fed by the Snake River. Although it is costlier and more complicated to convert the starch in potatoes into fermentable sugars than it is to convert cereal grains—such as rye, wheat, corn, barley, or oats—the folks at Silver Creed prefer distilling potatoes because of the superior results achieved. The 80-proof vodka is rigorously filtered five times through charcoal, lava rock garnet, travertine and submicron filters.

Since its debut in 2001, Blue Ice has joined the ranks of the world's finest and is a match for the famed potato vodkas of Eastern Europe. It has crystalline clarity and a light supple body slightly oily in texture. The bouquet is crisp and refreshing with wafting notes of herbs and citrus. Its delicate, slightly sweet flavors immediately fill the mouth and linger throughout the cool, medium length finish.

Yet why leave well enough alone? In 2009, the company launched Blue Ice Organic Wheat Vodka, a classy spirit quadruple-distilled from USDA certified organic Idaho winter wheat. The 80-proof vodka is then rigorously filtered for essential purity. The wheat version of Blue Ice has perfect clarity, an oily lightweight body and a semisweet grain and floral bouquet. The vodka gently warms the palate with cocoa and zesty citrus notes before fading to a long, clean finish. It's a sleek, delectable spirit with a bright future ahead of it.

Both of the Blue Ice Vodkas are ideal selections for use in cocktails. However, to fully appreciate how superb they are, sample them straight or with a slight chill.