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Blue Chair Bay Premium White Rum

Blue Chair Bay
Premium White Rum


By Robert Plotkin

It's harder than you think to capture the vibrant flavors of the Caribbean and infuse them in a skillfully crafted white rum. Creating a spirit evocative of the sultry, the exotic, the powerful and the romantic Caribbean Sea is a considerable challenge, one best assigned to an artist, not an engineer or pencil pusher. Should that artist also happen to be a multi-platinum recording artist, so much the better. If you're "ready to check your troubles at the shore," and enjoy the taste of the Caribbean, welcome the arrival of Blue Chair Bay Premium White Rum.

The celebrity behind the brand is country music megastar Kenny Chesney. A lifelong devotee of the island lifestyle, Chesney set out to imbue the flavor of the Caribbean in a series of character-laden rums. The base brand—Blue Chair Bay Premium White Rum—is distilled from molasses on the island of Barbados in the Lesser Antilles. The rum is barrel-aged in oak casks no less 200 feet from the shore of the Caribbean and bottled at 40% alcohol (80 proof).

Blue Chair Bay White Rum is bona fide thing of beauty. The crystal clear spirit has a lightweight, satiny textured body and the enticing aromas of vanilla, cinnamon, papaya, guava and wisps of toasted oak. Not many clear spirits are graced with such a fetching bouquet. The rum raises little heat on the palate as it rapidly expands and fills the mouth with the light, vibrant flavors of tropical fruit, vanilla, cinnamon and fresh pastry. Its finish is long, smooth and slightly spicy.

Blue Chair Bay is a delectable, highly versatile rum with unlimited creative potential behind the bar. The brand has already given rise to a bevy of signature recipes. But before you go and begin making drinks with the rum, take a moment and sip it neat or with a slight chill. You'll be impressed with its smooth, relaxed personality.

While you're at it, you'll want to treat yourself right and sample the other Chesney originals in the Blue Chair Bay portfolio. The first is the altogether luscious Blue Chair Bay Premium Coconut Rum. It has ideal clarity, a lush, medium-weight body and a generous coconut water and baking spice bouquet. The palate is a layered affair, an artful blend of fresh coconut and the spicy, fruit flavors of the base white rum. It, too, is a spirit crafted to be mixed as evidenced by the large number of creative drink recipes that feature the rum.

The trendsetter of the three is Blue Chair Bay Premium Coconut Spiced Rum. Master blender Mike Booth really outdid himself with this offering. The bouquet is all coconut and tropical fruit, while on the palate the flavor of the white rum is at the forefront, followed closely by a wave of coconut. The infused spices—clove, nutmeg, cinnamon and pimento—make their presence known on the long, luxurious finish.

Lest you think Chesney is merely endorsing these rums, he actually owns the brand and was intimately involved in every step in developing Blue Chair Bay from initial concept to choosing the cork stoppers. Creating things of beauty is an artist's stock and trade. That's precisely what you get when you crack open a bottle of Blue Chair Bay Premium Rum—a thing of beauty.