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Bols Blue Curacao

Bols Blue Curaçao Liqueur


By Robert Plotkin

A fundamental precept of marketing is people buy with their eyes. The more visually appealing something is the more likely consumers are to purchase it. That’s one reason why classic Bols Blue Curaçao is among the most moneymaking bottles in the house. While it’s true that it receives little fanfare, professional mixologists wouldn't be caught behind a bar without it.

Founded in 1575, the Lucas Bols Company of Amsterdam is one of the oldest spirits companies in Europe. From the onset they produced a juniper-infused grain spirit called jenever. Bols soon became the spirits purveyor for the Dutch East India Company, which secured them a source of spices, herbs and exotic fruit from the South Pacific, flavorings that eventually would lead to a broad range of liqueurs and cordials.

Bols Blue Curaçao is distilled from a blend of herbs, sweet red oranges, sweet, aromatic Kinnow oranges from the Middle East and bitter Curaçao oranges from the Caribbean. The peels are dried and steeped in pure grain spirits for an extended time to extract the highest amount of flavorants from the citrus. Afterwards the infused spirit is redistilled to fully integrate the flavors. The liqueur is bottled at 48-proof.

Talk about a captivating product. Bols Blue has a deep, Pacific-blue color with a light body and delicate citrus bouquet. The liqueur is silky smooth with a semisweet orange palate and flavorful finish. Couple those traits with its lustrous color and you’ve got an exceptionally marketable liqueur.

There's something intriguing about sipping a blue cocktail. It must tickle the kid in us or remind us of a Star Trek episode. Whatever the reason, few drinks sell better in bars and nightclubs than blue drinks and you have Bols Blue Curaçao to thank for it.