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Bombora Vodka

Bombora Vodka


By Robert Plotkin

Vodkas comprise more than a third of all distilled spirits sold in the United States. To say that we've developed a taste for vodka would be an obvious understatement, yet it underscores an important point about the spirit. Most of the bestselling vodkas do indeed have easily perceptible flavors and aromas. The top-shelf brands are lushly textured and eminently drinkable, far from being without character and personality.

Aging spirits in wood can mask flaws and blemishes. Not so with vodka. No other spirit so exposes any of its shortcomings as vodka. Alone in the glass, stripped of its packaging, marketing and hype, vodkas are an open book. Like a statuesque nude, essential purity is a thing of beauty.

Such is the case with Bombora Vodka, a sleek and essentially pure spirit crafted in Barossa Valley located in southern Australia. It's made exclusively from locally grown, red and white premium wine grapes. The grapes are pressed and patiently fermented over the course of several days. The fermented mash is then column distilled seven times, diluted to proof with artisanal spring water and bottled at 40% alcohol (80) proof. Because Bombora is made entirely from wine grapes, it is also gluten-free.

"After 8 years of development, we're looking forward to expanding internationally. As for the continuing popularity of vodkas, we're not seeing any evidence of a category slow down. Demand for Bombora and other high quality vodkas is still very high. I think the key is to work with premium ingredients and to market to consumers who care about what they are eating and drinking," adds Dave Freyder, founder and CEO.

Bombora Vodka is indeed an exceptional spirit. The Australian import has pristine clarity and a medium-weight, silky textured body. Its bouquet features a focused set of grape-like aromas, not unlike a brandy. The vodka raises hardly any esophageal heat as it quickly expands filling the mouth with a warming dose of lightly spiced, vinous flavor. The finish is cool and crisp.

Before featuring this gem of a vodka in a mixed drink or craft cocktail, you owe it to yourself to first sample it neat, or with a slight chill. You just might not drink Bombora any other way after that.

Bombora, welcome to the United States. May all of our futures should be so bright.