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Borghetti di Vero Caffe Espresso Liqueur

Borghetti di Vero Caffé
Espresso Liqueur


By Robert Plotkin

It's estimated that more than 600 billion cups of coffee are consumed every year, easily making it the planet's most popular beverage. As the largest coffee-consuming nation in the world, the majority of those cups of Joe are consumed right here in America. It therefore doesn't take much stretch of the imagination to predict the hero's welcome Borghetti di Vero Caffé Espresso Liqueur will receive in the U.S. Guaranteed it has no equal on the backbar.

Created by Ugo Borghetti in 1860, the venerable liqueur is now handcrafted in Milan at the Fratelli Branca Distillerie according to the original secret recipe. It is made from a premium blend of coffee comprised of 70% Arabica beans grown at a high altitude in South America and 30% Robusto beans from Africa. The beans range from lightly roasted from the southern region of Italy, to dark roasted beans from the north. Prior to blending, the coffee beans are steeped in neutral grain spirits and sweetened with a modicum of cane sugar. The liqueur is made without extracts, additives, or artificial flavors and is bottled at 25% alcohol (50 proof).

Borghetti Espresso Liqueur is a coffee enthusiast's dream come true. It has a tremendous espresso character with just enough alcohol to keep things interesting. The liqueur has a dark brown hue, a full, supple body and an enticing bouquet of roasted coffee, dark chocolate and toasted almonds with subtle red fruit notes. Its aromatic signature is essentially a precise recreation of freshly brewed espresso. The liqueur gradually expands in the mouth, bathing the palate with the semisweet, slightly bitter flavor of espresso. The remarkably long finish reveals the added flavors of dark chocolate, spice and roasted almonds.

Borghetti Caffé Espresso enjoys unlimited creative potential behind the bar. The liqueur makes a natural alternative to conventional coffee-flavored liqueurs in countless drink recipes. The difference in intensity between Borghetti Caffé Espresso and conventional brands is the same as fresh espresso and drip coffee. That it is delicious served in coffee, over ice cream, or paired with brandy goes without saying.

The renowned Borghetti portfolio also includes Borghetti Sambuca Oro Liqueur. While most producers use elderberries to flavor their sambuca, Fratelli Branca Distillerie chose instead to feature the unmistakable flavor of the Illicium Verum, or star anise. The liqueur also contains a secret blend of herbs and spices and is bottled at 38% alcohol (78 proof).

Introduced in 2001, this Mediterranean favorite is crystal clear with a velvety, medium-weight body and a bouquet saturated with the prominent aromas of black licorice, zesty citrus, and light spicy notes. Its aromatics do a marvelous job preparing the palate for the pleasures to follow. Sambuca Oro has a spicy warm entry that slowly gives way to flavor of anise, cloves, vanilla, cinnamon and orange zest. Its persistence of flavor is remarkable.

Borghetti Sambuca Oro is a singular pleasure to sip neat, which is traditionally served with three coffee beans floating on top. It is also incomparable added to coffee, or as a substitute for anisette in cocktails and mixed drinks.