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Boru Vodka

Boru Vodka


By Robert Plotkin

Ireland has the well-deserved reputation for producing many of the world's finest spirits, a proud heritage carried on by character-laden Boru Vodka. Distilled five times from select grain and naturally soft spring water, the vodka then undergoes rigorous filtration to achieve essential purity, a process that includes slowly filtering it through ten feet of Atlantic oak charcoal.

The brand has been phenomenally well-received in America, the reasons for which are immediately evident once the vodka is alone in a glass. The elegant, classically structured spirit has a lushly textured body and prominent bouquet of floral and zesty citrus notes. The brand's wafting aromatics alone qualify it as a top-notch contender. On the palate Boru generates little heat and fills the mouth with puckery, grainy sweetness. The finish is long, clean and delectable with notes of malt and cocoa. To those searching for a vodka with loads of personality and a flavorful, satiny-smooth finish, Boru is an inspired choice.

Fans of Boru have three more reasons for raising their glass. Light and lively Boru Crazzberry Vodka is endowed with the flavors of cranberry and raspberry, both of which persist throughout the extended finish. Boru Orange Vodka is highly aromatic with an unexpected burst of tangerine on the palate that lends the vodka depth. Boru Citrus Vodka fills the mouth with fresh, zesty lemon and lime flavors with tantalizing notes of grapefruit and tangerine. The flavor package is surgically balanced and fully integrated on the palate. The finish is warm and pleasing.