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Brady's Irish Cream Liqueur

Brady's Irish
Cream Liqueur


By Robert Plotkin

Since 1979, one brand has been the sales leader of the cream liqueur category. As well known as it might be, times change. Taste preferences change and 30+ years is a long time to expect a cream liqueur recipe to continue appealing to a dynamic and diverse consumer base. Which is exactly why the ascension of Brady's Irish Cream Liqueur is such welcome news. Here's a classy import that sports a fresh new character and is a marvelous interpretation of a tried and true favorite.

Brady's is made in Bailieboro in the north of Ireland. The surrounding landscape is lush, rolling and renown as some of the finest dairy land in the country. Each day, fresh dairy cream is taken a short distance from the Carbery Dairy Co-op to the Brady's Liqueur Company. There premium, Irish single malt whiskey is added to the cream. The reliance on triple-distilled malt whiskey is a significant departure from how the majority of the other brands in the category are made, most of which use lesser grades of whiskey distilled entirely from unmalted grain. It's bottled at 34 proof.

While the recipe for Brady's is a closely held secret, two things are known. One of the natural flavors used in the liqueur is dark chocolate; the other is vanilla. Second, it is made in extremely small batches to ensure optimum quality. In fact, Brady's could rightly claim that it is a handmade product. What remains a mystery is how the brand can be crafted entirely with premium products and yet marketed at such a modest price. Its suggested retail price is about a third of what others in the category retail for.

The first sip of the liqueur will make you believe that change is a good thing. The first point of difference is that Brady's has a satiny textured, impressively lightweight body. Compared to others in the category, it's a refreshing change. Brady's has an alluring bouquet laced with the aromas of dairy and malt and rolls over the palate delivering on the promise of chocolate and vanilla.

Another major distinction is its flavorful, surgically clean finish. While most of the upper echelon cream liqueurs have palate-coating finishes, Brady's is ideally balanced and showcases the soft, mellow flavor of the malt whiskey lacking in cloying sweetness.

From start to savory finish, Brady's is a luxurious, impeccably crafted liqueur. Its balanced, universally appealing taste has made it a favorite with mixologists and social hosts as it enjoys scores of creative applications behind the bar.

The firm recently launched Brady's Chocolate Mint Irish Cream Liqueur, a rich indulgent treat with the prominent flavors of chocolate, caramel and lilting minty notes on the delectably long finish. It's irresistible served by itself, in coffee or hot cocoa, or as a creative twist in a White Russian or Chocolate Martini.