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Brinley Gold Shipwreck Spiced Rum

Brinley Gold Shipwreck
Spiced Rum


By Robert Plotkin

As challenging as it is to develop a cocktail-friendly spiced rum, it's even more so to create one that's sensational when sipped alone in a glass. Brinley Gold Shipwreck Spiced Rum is such a spirit. It doesn't need to be mixed with a bucket of cola to scintillate and command your attention. On the contrary, Shipwreck has a boatload of bakery fresh flavors and enough personality to charm the pants off a dancing bear.

All of the Brinley Gold rums are blended and produced on the island of St. Kitts in the West Indies. While most brands of spiced rum are made with bulk, unaged spirits, Shipwreck is built on a foundation of column distilled, molasses-based Demerara rums aged in oak barrels for four years. The artistry comes into play when creating the all-important spice package, which includes a proprietary mix of oranges, vanilla, nutmeg, cloves and other spices. The rum is bottled at 36% alcohol by volume (72 proof). The lower proof allows the rum's flavor to luxuriate on the palate longer, which greatly contributes to the enjoyment.

Shipwreck Spiced Rum is a genuine treat for the senses. It has ideal clarity, a deep amber hue and a lightweight, satiny textured body. The rum is gloriously aromatic with a bouquet of fresh citrus, vanilla, honey and cloves. Its rich broad palate picks up where the nose leaves off with waves of caramel, butterscotch, raisons, nutmeg and cinnamon bark. The flavors seamlessly transition from one to the next and are balanced with surgical skill. Its lingering finish is delectably spicy.

Marvelous as the rum is appreciated alone in a glass, Shipwreck steps it up a notch when presented in a drink. Its lavish assortment of flavors marries beautifully with lime or lemon sours, carbonated mixers of all makes and models, sorbet, ice cream, hot cocoa and fresh juice. With respect to drink making, Shipwreck knows no creative boundaries.

The brand name commemorates the recent discovery of the ship, Brimstone Hill, off the shores of St. Kitts. The French sank the British troopship during the Battle of Frigate Bay in 1782. Locating the Brimstone Hill after centuries was a highly celebrated event on the island.

Shipwreck is not Brinley Gold's only consensus all-star. In fact, the distillery's fame was initially secured with the release of 5 award-winning flavored rums. The Brinley Gold Vanilla Rum is a blend of light St. Kitts rum and natural Madagascar vanilla beans, while the savory Brinley Gold Coffee Rum is infused with roasted Brazilian coffee. Each is bottled at the distillery's trademark 72 proof. The collection also includes naturally flavored Brinley Gold Coconut Rum, Brinley Gold Mango Rum and Brinley Gold Tahitian Lime Rum.

Spiced rums are as distinctively different from one another as perfume. Even taking into account the vagaries of personal preference, Brinley Gold Shipwreck is a universally appealing rum with a brilliant future ahead of it.