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Brockmans Premium Gin

Brockmans Premium


By Robert Plotkin

While worldwide sales of vodka, rum and tequila enjoyed double-digit increases over the past decade, sales of gin have remained relatively flat. The likely explanation is that with few exceptions gin producers are an overly conservative lot. The majority of gins on the market differ only by how much piney juniper flavor they possess and whether that juniper flavor is perceived on entry, in the mid-palate or on the finish. Other differences exist, but adjusting the juniper component remains the most significant distinguishing factor between brands.

This staid, unimaginative approach has left spirit consumers cold. While vodka, rum and tequila producers have embraced stylistic change and the concept of flavor infusion, gin producers have largely stayed the traditional course. Frankly, all this maintaining convention has grown tiresome.

Fortunately for gin enthusiasts and cocktail aficionados, recently released Brockmans Premium Gin has chosen to take the path less traveled. Innovation never tasted so good.

Produced and bottled in the heart of England, Brockmans is made on a foundation of continuously distilled, neutral grain spirits. The all-important botanical mix includes—among others—Bulgarian coriander, angelica from Belgium and Saxony, Murcian orange peels and juniper berries from Tuscany. The botanicals are steeped in the pure grain spirits for 24 hours prior to it being batch distilled in a copper alembic still that is over 100 years old.

Here's the unique creative twist. After the second distillation, the spirits are infused with wild mountain blueberries and blackberries from northern Europe. The fruit imbues Brockmans and smoothness uncommon in distilled spirits. The finished gin is bottled at 40% alcohol (80 proof).

Guaranteed you've never tasted a gin as luscious and intriguing as this. Brockmans is crystal clear with a satiny, medium-weight body and a wafting bouquet of fresh fruit, juniper, coriander, dark chocolate and ginger spice. The aromatics are enticing and quite unlike any that have preceded it. The biggest difference between Brockmans and the rest of the field is easily perceived on the palate. The skillfully balanced flavors of juniper, blueberries and blackberries take the lead followed closely by coriander and a refreshing splash of citrus. The dry, lingering finish is spicy warm and perfectly delectable.

Ultra-premium Brockmans Gin is a craft distilled gem, a bona fide backbar sensation. It is an ideal choice for serving on the rocks or chilled in a cocktail glass. The gin is also complemented by a crisp tonic water. In fact Brockmans has almost unlimited creative applications behind the bar.

All of our futures should be so bright. Cheers!