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Broker's Premium London Dry Gin

Broker's Premium
London Dry Gin


By Robert Plotkin

The resurgent popularity of gin has everything to do with its principal ingredient, juniper berries. Their exhilarating evergreen aromas and dry, piney flavors have single-handedly propelled London Dry Gin into global prominence. Crafted according to a secret blend of aromatics, every brand is endowed with an appealing personality as individually distinctive as DNA, which explains why no two premium gins taste the same.

Creating a complex, delectable London Dry gin is a matter of skill and artistic interpretation. Making it affordable requires genius. Fortunately for gin enthusiasts, bowler-topped Broker's London Dry Gin has managed to accomplish both.

The premium gin is a classically structured spirit made in a 200-year old gin distillery located in Birmingham, England. The recipe used to create Broker's is as old as the distillery itself. The gin is crafted on a foundation of 100% pure, neutral grain spirits made from locally sourced wheat, which in turn is quadruple-distilled in a century-old copper pot still..

The all-important botanical mix is comprised of 10 herbs, spices and fruit sourced from all over the globe. It consists of juniper berries from Macedonia, coriander seeds from Bulgaria, cinnamon from Madagascar, cassia bark from China, licorice from Sri Lanka, orris root from Italy, nutmeg from India, angelica root from Belgium and lemon and orange peels from Spain. The botanicals are steeped in the neutral spirits for 24 hours in their natural state until their aromas and flavors have been completely integrated in the alcohol. The gin is then redistilled for a fifth time and rendered to 94 proof with purified water.

Broker's London Dry Gin is an excellent illustration of style. That said, it is a highly distinctive spirit with unusual complexity and charm. The gin has ideal clarity, a light velvety textured body and a generous, juniper-forward bouquet with spicy and zesty citrus aromas. Its high aromatics are thoroughly engaging and well worth whatever you paid for the bottle. Broker's immediately bathes the palate with the flavors of fresh piney juniper, lemon and orange zest, anise, spicy ginger and cinnamon. Its elevated alcohol content tingles slightly on the lips and tongue. As the gin slowly begins to fade, it reveals additional notes of licorice, coriander and peppery spice.

Brothers Martin and Andy Dawson launched Broker's in 1998 and since its debut the brand has received an exceptional amount of critical acclaim. Andy Dawson thinks the main reason the gin performs so well at international competitions is that it's not made with any quirky ingredients. "There's nothing in Broker's Gin that goes contrary to a consumers' appreciation of and expectations for a fine gin. I can only conclude that the judges at these major spirit competitions greatly appreciate our classic London Dry Gin style."

Recently the brand joined forces with McCormick Distilling and both parties seem to be prospering. "The acquisition of Broker's Gin affords us a unique opportunity to increase the brand's presence domestically while at the same time expanding our global reach," observes Chairman Ed Pechar. "There is a growing interest in premium gin as a category, and with the backing of McCormick and our distributors, we are well-positioned to introduce more consumers in the US to the world's best-tasting gin."

Alone in the glass, the brand punches well above its weight class. So it should come as no surprise that this sophisticated yet unpretentious spirit is also a creative boon behind the bar. Broker's is equally brilliant featured in a bone dry Martini as it is in a Gin Gimlet. For that matter, the gin is marvelous mixed with a crisp tonic water.