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Brugal Anejo Rum

Brugal Dominican Gran
Reserva Añejo Rum


By Robert Plotkin

It's ironic that we commemorate Columbus discovering Hispaniola in 1492—the present day Dominican Republic and Haiti—when arguably his most important contribution to the New World resulted from his return trip in 1493. Strapped to the deck of his ship were sugar cane plants and within 15-years their descendents covered vast tracts of the island and Spanish colonists were distilling cane into rum. Such is the storied lineage of Brugal Dominican Gran Reserva Añejo Rum.

As it turns out, the soil, temperature, humidity and fresh water make the Dominican Republic one of the finest places to cultivate sugar cane. Conditions on the island imprint the cane with an indelible "sense of place," a quality that forms the artistic premise behind all of the Brugal Rums, global sales of which rank the brand among the industry’s elite.

The influence of Terrior is especially evident in top-shelf Brugal Añejo, a skillfully crafted blend of column-distilled rums made from local molasses, all of which are aged in American charred oak no less than 5-years. The rich amber añejo is light-bodied and generously aromatic with notes of caramel, baking spices and vanilla ice cream. Its palate is a lavish affair of honey, fruit and milk chocolate; flavors that linger before tapering to a satisfying finish. The añejo is an excellent illustration of affordable luxury.

The acclaimed range also includes Brugal® White Label—a clear, continuous-distilled blend with pronounced fruit and spice notes—and cocktail-friendly Brugal® Gold Label, a glistening gold rum popular throughout the Caribbean.