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Dry Gin


By Robert Plotkin

The surging popularity of gin is a clear sign that we're evolving as a species. Legions of parched Americans, having grown disenchanted with vodka's austerity and cavalcade of new flavors, are finding sanctuary in gin's affordable elegance and irresistible complexity. Few brands among the category's upper echelon exude as much style and smiles per ounce as BULLDOG London Dry Gin.

The ultra-premium gin from London is handcrafted in small copper pot stills from English grain and a proprietary blend of 12 aromatics. In addition to juniper berries, the invigorating botanical mix includes poppy, lemon zest, cassia bark, almond, orris root, lotus leaves, licorice, lavender, angelica, coriander and longan or dragon eye, a fruit from Southeast Asia related to the lychee and long renown for its aphrodisiac properties. The gin is delicately filtered three times for essential purity before being bottled at 80 proof.

BULLDOG is a mesmerizing gin that lingers on the memory like an unforgettable perfume. The crystal clear spirit has a medium-weight, oily textured body and a wafting, rather exotic bouquet imbued with the aromas of juniper, citrus and fresh herbs. Its warm, gentle entry slowly fills the mouth with an intriguing assortment of crisp, spicy flavors. The lingering finish presents the added flavors of anise and piney juniper. It's a singular pleasure in every respect.

Of all the major types of spirits, gin is the only one specifically created for use in cocktails. While BULLDOG makes an inspired choice for any gin-based assignment, it's equally seductive served by itself wearing nothing but a chill. Be forewarned though, one sip and you'll be smitten. BULLDOG is also particularly tasty mixed with lemonade or served in a Dirty Martini.

BULLDOG Gin is guaranteed crowd-pleaser. Kudos!