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Cabo Uno Anejo Tequila

Cabo Uno
100% Blue Agave
Tequila Añejo Reserva


By Robert Plotkin

High up on the top-shelf where the ultra-premium spirits reside, no brand is more closely associated with rock 'n' roll than Cabo Wabo Tequila. The brand was created in 1996 by ex-Van Halen rocker Sammy Hagar, owner of fun-in-the-sun Cabo Wabo Cantina in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. For legions of aficionados, it marks the center of a universe whose Big Bang was the 2007 launch of Cabo Uno 100% Blue Agave Tequila Añejo Reserva, an ultra-sophisticated spirit with double platinum written all over it.

The reserve tequila is produced in extremely limited quantities at Agaveros Unidos de Amatitán in Jalisco and represents the distillery's most distinguished and artisanal offering to date. Like others in the Cabo Wabo range, top-of-the-line Cabo Uno is traditionally crafted using select agaves that are slowly baked, fermented and double-distilled in copper pot stills. The tequilas selected for its blend are aged for a minimum of 38 months in charred, American oak barrels.

Cabo Uno Añejo Reserva is deserving of its place on the top shelf. The classy tequila has a light golden hue, a full voluptuous body and a generous offering of spicy, herbal and toasted oak aromas. The highlight of the experience is its long, elegant finish and the lingering flavors of toffee, vanilla, dried herbs and ripe red fruit. It’s a world-class tequila with a great sense of rhythm.

The range also includes Cabo Wabo Reposado, which is aged 4- to 6-months in French and American oak; Cabo Wabo Añejo, a velvety tequila matured more than a year; and unaged Cabo Wabo Blanco.