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Canne Royale Extra Old Rum

Canne Royale Extra
Old Rum


By Robert Plotkin

While some brands of rum are products of boardrooms, spreadsheets and focus groups, others are are created as labors of love and exist due to personal conviction and dogged tenacity. Such is the case with the altogether sensational Canne Royale Extra Old Rum from Grenada. It is the charge of master blender Eeron Redhead of the Eastern Caribbean Rum Company. He is very much the heart and soul of the spirit. His name may not be on the bottle. His likeness may not be on the label, but rest assured, Eeron Redhead has poured blood, sweat and tears into the brand.

Operations at Eastern Caribbean Rum Company take place in the parish of St. David's on the southeast coast of the island. The area is referred to as the "Cane Belt" for having been the home to numerous sugar cane plantations, molasses and rum producers over the past 300 years. Redhead's skill and artistry is a legacy passed down from 3 generations of rum distillers and blenders. The patriarch, cellar master Louis Strauss, immigrated to Grenada after World War II and began his tenure at La Sagesse Estate Distillery. Louis Strauss eventually secured a protégé, Joseph Chasteau, who learned the art and science of rum blending and passed the knowledge down to Redhead.

The spirits in the Eastern Caribbean Rum Company portfolio are handcrafted in small batches and in limited quantities. Each is a blend of rums of various ages that are distilled in column stills or traditional pot-stills and derived from different types of fermentations—either from molasses, cane syrup or fresh cane juice. In addition to locally distilled Grenadian spirits, the company sources its rums from select distillers in Barbados, Trinidad and other Caribbean producers. The various rums provide Redhead a rich palette of tastes and styles with which to create truly memorable spirits.

The elder statesmen of the range is Canne Royale Extra Old Rum, an elegant blend of rums aged up to 8 years in charred, American white oak barrels. Redhead has mastered the technique of hand adjusting each batch to yield consistent color, taste and quality. Canne Royale is bottled at 40% alcohol (80 proof).

Be prepared to be impressed. This noble rum has a burnished copper hue, a medium-weight, velvety textured body and an array of bakery-fresh aromas—vanilla, caramel, brown sugar, cinnamon and dark chocolate. Be patient and allow this rum plenty of time to breathe in the glass. You'll be richly rewarded. Its initial entry is spicy warm as it quickly expands filling the mouth with the palate pleasing flavors of honey, brown sugar, tropical fruit, vanilla, cloves and anise. The lingering finish is spicy, well balanced and extremely flavorful.

Canne Royal Extra Old is an ideal rum to serve neat in a snifter after a fine dinner. Its delectable cache of flavors is absolutely captivating. That said, the rum is also a marvelous choice to use as the foundation in a craft cocktail or a tall, iced concoction.

Eeron Redhead and the Eastern Caribbean Rum Company also market several other styles of rum. Premium Cannes Brûlées Classic, 40% alcohol (80 proof), is available in both a white and amber version. It is made according to a local Grenadian recipe and comprised of a blend of rums barrel-aged for 1-3 years. Cannes Brûlées Banane, 30% alcohol (60 proof), is a banana flavored rum. Each of these expressions enjoy unlimited creative applications behind the bar.

Eeron Redhead, all of our futures should be so bright. Cheers!