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Capel Premium Pisco

Capel Premium Pisco


By Robert Plotkin

The ongoing cocktail renaissance has propelled pisco into the limelight and onto American backbars. Bartenders on both coasts have come to appreciate its unrivaled mixability and universally appealing character. If your senses are ready for a break from the routine and familiar, Capel Premium Pisco is just the ticket.

The light, delectable brandy is made in northern Chile just outside of Vicuña in the strikingly beautiful Elqui Valley. Tucked away in the high altitudes of the Andes, the wine-growing region is renown for its varieties of Muscat grapes, and as home of the bestselling brand of Chilean pisco. The 100% natural brandy is double distilled in small batches from Muscat, Pedro-Jimenez and Torontel grapes and pristine spring water drawn from the nearby mountains. After distillation, the young brandy is triple filtered and bottled at 80 proof.

Ultra popular Capel Premium Pisco is a distinctive pleasure. The glistening, straw-colored pisco is generously aromatic with a seductive herbal and fruit bouquet. Its fresh grape aromas maintain their intensity for an impressively long time. The satiny textured brandy is pleasantly warming, lavishly endowed with spice, herbs and peppery fruit flavors and sports a dry elegant finish that's thankfully long lasting.

Something of a national treasure, Capel is a superbly crafted brandy with charm and breeding—a classic example of the Chilean style of pisco. The celebrated brand is especially visible in nightspots up and down the coast where it's frequently used in mixed drinks like the Piscola (pisco and cola) and the iconic Pisco Sour.

The range also includes Capel Alto del Carmen Pisco, an exquisite brandy aged for 9 months in 1000-liter oak casks, and ultra-premium Capel Moai Pisco, which is aged in oak for upwards of two years.

Pisco is the oldest distilled spirit in the Americas and Capel is a sterling example of why. Salud!