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Celtic Crossing

Celtic Crossing


By Robert Plotkin

Whether served in a snifter or couched in a classy cocktail, Celtic Crossing Liqueur is a performer of the highest caliber. It has done for the famed whiskeys of Ireland what Drambuie did for Scotch malts; namely deliver the soul satisfying character of whiskey in a honey-tempered and heather soft liqueur.

Hailing from Bailieboro, Ireland, the liqueur is made from a recipe first devised over 150-years ago. It is skillfully crafted from a blend of barrel-aged Irish whiskies and cognac and then sweetened with a touch of heather honey. The real question surrounding Celtic Crossing is how did it get so utterly delicious without sporting a hefty body and syrupy consistency?

Undoubtedly someone in Ireland knows the answer, but they're not talking. What is known about this liqueur is that it has an exceptionally light-body and a velvety smooth texture. Its wafting bouquet is laced with the comforting aroma of honey, vanilla and toasted oak. Perhaps Celtic Crossing's most laudable quality is its palate, which features the sumptuous flavors of honey, spices and a dram-sized taste of Irish whiskey. The finish is delectably long and soothing.

Celtic Crossing, like most top-notch liqueurs, is delicious and ideally balanced. It is best appreciated when sipped neat or with a single cube of ice. It does, however, also enjoy numerous applications behind the bar. It blends marvelously with coffee, cappuccino and hot cocoa, as well as adding a complementary array of flavors to a wide range of whiskies and many other liqueurs.