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Clement Creole Shrubb

Clément Créole
Shrubb Liqueur


By Robert Plotkin

Liqueurs have been instrumental in the ongoing renaissance of the cocktail. They provide the essential flavor components in most successful drinks and without a full complement of these franchise players on the backbar, your drink making abilities will drop into low gear. To best appreciate their captivating attributes, spend a few minutes alone with recent arrival Clément Créole Shrubb Liqueur.

The engaging, highly aromatic Créole Shrubb is handcrafted entirely at Habitation Clément in Martinique, makers of the most celebrated brand of rhum agricole. The liqueur is devised with an artisanal blend of Clément silver and barrel-aged rhums, spirits distilled from freshly pressed, estate-grown sugar cane juice. The rhums are slowly macerated with a proprietary mixture of spices; vanilla, nutmeg and cloves, as well as cane syrup and sun-dried grapefruit and bitter orange peels from Curaçao. Afterwards, the liqueur is matured in oak casks to allow its various elements to fully integrate prior to being bottled at 80-proof.

Clément Créole Shrubb is like a holiday for the senses. Its seductive dance begins with a generous helping of island-borne fragrance, an enticing set of lightly spiced, orangey and floral aromas. The shimmery, golden/amber liqueur has a medium-weight, lushly textured body that quickly fills the mouth with the tantalizing, long-lasting flavors of pepper, spice, honey and zesty orange.

Aromatic, invigorating and singularly delicious, super-premium Créole Shrubb is a top-shelf phenomenon in the making, a liqueur with unlimited applications behind the bar.