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Cold River Traditional Gin

Cold River Traditional


By Robert Plotkin

Gin has no equal behind the bar. As evidence, more classic cocktails call for gin than any other spirit. Their proprietary recipes endow them with personalities as individually distinctive as DNA, which explains why no two smell or taste the same. The resurgent popularity of the cocktail has prompted the release of new artisanal brands, none more intriguing than Cold River Traditional Gin.

Guaranteed you haven't tasted a gin like this. Launched in August 2010, small batch Cold River Gin is handcrafted at the Maine Distilleries' facility in Freeport, Maine from potatoes grown at a local family farm. The spirit is essentially made on a foundation of critically acclaimed Cold River Vodka. It's steeped with a proprietary blend of 7 traditional botanicals—juniper berries, coriander, lemon peel, orange peel, orris root, angelica root and cardamom—inside the distillery's the copper pot still. After several hours, the maceration is distilled to high proof and rendered to strength with spring water from an underground aquifer. The all-natural spirit is gluten-free and bottled at 94 proof (47% alcohol by volume).

As the name implies, Cold River is a classically structured gin created in the British tradition. The crystal clear spirit has a satiny medium-weight body and a wafting, juniper forward bouquet balanced with precision by vibrant herbal, spice and citrus notes. Its brilliant aromatics are mesmerizing. The juniper presents itself on the palate moments after entry, which is then followed by waves of spicy, zesty citrus and herbaceous flavors. The gin lingers on the palate like a pleasant thought.

Cold River Gin is an inspired choice to feature in a Martini. The aromatics in dry vermouth are a perfect companion to the herbal essence of this super-premium spirit. The gin is also marvelous in an icy cold Gimlet or served with a bracing tonic and lime.

Every hand-numbered bottle of Cold River Gin is a handmade gem.