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Agavero Liqueur

Damrak Amsterdam


By Robert Plotkin

Founded in 1575, the Lucas Bols Company of Amsterdam is one of the oldest spirits distillers in the world. From the beginning Bols has made a juniper-infused grain spirit called jenever. Bols became the spirits purveyor to the Dutch East India Company, which also secured the company a steady source of spices and herbs from Indonesia, Ceylon, Malaya and the Spice Islands. These exotic flavorings would eventually give birth to Damrak Amsterdam Gin.

Introduced in 2001, this ultra-premium spirit is crafted from a proprietary recipe dating back to the early 1700s. It combines 17 fruits, berries, herbs and spices, each individually distilled to lock its distinctive flavor and fragrance. The juniper distillate is blended with the precisely crafted botanical distillates. In total the spirit undergoes a total of five distillations in pot stills and is bottled at 83.6 proof.

Damrak Amsterdam Gin is superb in every respect. It has pristine clarity and a lightweight, silky smooth body. The generous bouquet is a captivating array of floral, citrus and herbal aromas. Initially, the flavor of succulent juniper berries is most prevalent on the palate, followed by a surge of the tart, citrusy flavors of the botanical mix. The gin has an all-world crisp and zesty finish.

Damrak Amsterdam Gin belongs on the backbar of every self-proclaimed cocktail haunt and is ideally suited for any gin-based assignment.