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Death's Door White Whiskey

Death's Door White


By Robert Plotkin

All whiskeys exit the still clear and devoid of color. Although saddled with such unflattering names as "White Dog, Mad Dog or White Lightning," white whiskeys offer enthusiasts and aficionados a rare glimpse into the character and youthful vitality of the unadulterated spirit. When well made, they're typically flavorful, exuberant and surprisingly refined, not at all like the breath-robbing firewater portrayed in television or film. One of the not-to-miss brands on the market is Death's Door White Whiskey.

There's something to be said for whiskey so skillfully crafted that its a bona fide pleasure to drink without it first having to be locked away for years in oak barrels. Aging whiskey in oak has a profound affect on the finished product. Years of interaction with wood imbue a whiskey with color and oak-induced flavors.

Established in 2005, the Death's Door Distillery is located just outside of Madison in Middleton, Wisconsin. Their white whiskey is double-distilled in a copper pot still from a mash bill of 60% organic, hard red winter wheat from Wisconsin's Washington Island and 40% organic malted barley from nearby Chilton. After distillation, the whiskey is rested in uncharred, Minnesota-oak barrels before being bottled at 40% alcohol by volume (80 proof).

Death's Door White Whiskey is an unqualified joy. It has ideal clarity, a satiny medium-weight body and a generous nose laced with the aromas of cherries, chocolate malt, sweet grain and light spice. The longer the whiskey is allowed to breathe, the broader its aromatic signature becomes. The soft, cool entry gradually expands and bathes the palate with long-lasting fruit and spice flavors. Its lingering finish is dry and fruity.

Not only is this white whiskey something that can be easily enjoyed by itself—either neat or over ice—served with a mixer or used as the foundation of a contemporary cocktail.

Marketing a white whiskey is a mark of confidence and requires skill and passion to perfect. The craftsmen at Death's Door Distillery have those attributes in spades.

Kudos and Cheers!