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Deep Eddy Cranberry Flavored Vodka

Deep Eddy Cranberry
Flavored Vodka


By Robert Plotkin

Success in business often hinges on the right two people meeting at precisely the right time. Such was the case with entrepreneurs Chad Auler and Clayton Christopher. Each had extensive backgrounds in developing successful beverage brands—Auler was the creator of Savvy Vodka and Christopher an alcohol-free beverage called Sweet Leaf Tea. However, things really began to take off after the two merged their talents and resources and launched Deep Eddy Sweet Tea Vodka.

Now a local favorite in hometown Austin, Texas, Deep Eddy has grown into a range of skillfully crafted vodkas steeped in fun, romance and uncompromised great taste. Like all of the vodkas in the Deep Eddy portfolio, the base spirit of the Sweet Tea Vodka is distilled 10 times in a state of the art column still using locally grown corn and essentially pure artesian water drawn from a Texas aquifer. The vodka is infused with black Indonesian tea leaves, organic honey and a touch of pure cane sugar. It is then rigorously filtered through charcoal for purity and bottled at 35% alcohol (70 proof). The lower proof allows the vodka's flavor to luxuriate longer on the palate. With this vodka that's a really good thing.

According to co-founder Chad Auler there are two things that distinguish Deep Eddy from the competition—the liquid and the brand. "Our vodkas are made exclusively with high quality, real ingredients. We then pair the premium liquid with a brand look-and-feel that harkens back to quality, purity and innocent excitement of the 1950s. Every aspect of the brand experience from liquid to marketing says that it stands for quality, authenticity and just plain fun."

The success of the Sweet Tea Vodka prompted Auler and Christopher to launch Deep Eddy Vodka. The straight, unflavored vodka has a clean, crisp nose and raises little to no heat on the palate.

The brand reentered the flavored vodka category with the 2013 release of Deep Eddy Ruby Red Vodka. This time Auler and Christopher infused their vodka with ruby red grapefruit juice. Its fresh aromatics and tangy, true-to-fruit character immediately translated to sales.

The newest member of the range is Deep Eddy Cranberry Vodka. One look at it in the bottle will confirm that it's something special. The deep garnet colored spirit has a medium-weight body and a wafting bouquet of fresh cranberries. Its lavish aromatics are singularly delightful and propel this flavored gem into a class of its own. The vodka has a cool gentle entry and immediately bathes the palate with the luscious flavor of tart cranberries. The lingering, silky finish features the flavors of dark chocolate and citrus zest.

"By far the most rewarding experience of launching Deep Eddy Vodka has been watching the consumer's passionate reaction to the product," says Auler. "Our goal when we launched this brand was to bring consumers a truly differentiated and quality product. It's amazing to watch that goal come to life."