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DeKuyper Sour Apple

DeKuyper Pucker
Sour Apple Liqueur


By Robert Plotkin

If you are capable of cranking out a smile, then you still have enough life in you to enjoy DeKuyper Pucker Sour Apple Liqueur. Everything about this product screams of fun—from the lighthearted packaging to its spry, low-proof character. DeKuyper did their homework and created a winner.

Sour Apple Pucker is one of a line of similarly constructed sweet 'n' sour liqueurs that are balanced with surgical precision to be just this side of tart. What differentiates this snazzy line of liqueurs from the rest of the field is that they have just enough zing to make them something special, any more tartness and the effect would be dashed. The tartness works especially well when it is used as the principal flavoring agent in cocktails.

The liqueur has a light, delicate body and a cheerful apple green hue, two qualities ideal for drink making. Sipped neat, the liqueur will bring about a pucker, but when mixed the tangy tartness acts as a counterbalance. The sour apple flavor seems true enough and persists for a remarkably long time.

Versatility must be DeKuyper Sour Apple's middle name. While the liqueur initially earned its reputation for greatness as the primary ingredient in the Appletini, it is now a popular ingredient in every type of contemporary cocktail from Martinis and Margaritas to Daiquiris and Cosmos. You can find it in uptown cocktails and downtown shooters. Sour Apple Pucker is a contemporary gem.