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Dekuyper Triple Sec

Signature Triple Sec


By Robert Plotkin

The Margarita has defied the odds and become an American success story despite not being from around these parts. It has quietly become something of a phenomenon and is the now the most requested cocktail in the United States. While tequila is certainly a driving force behind the drink’s enormous popularity, the Margarita would be nothing more than a tequila sour were it not for the Oscar-worthy supporting role of triple sec. Among the bestselling of its type is DeKuyper Signature Triple Sec.

The highly regarded liqueur is indispensable behind the bar. Originally from Holland, DeKuyper Triple Sec is made using neutral grain spirits flavored principally from orange peels grown on the Dutch West-Indies island of Curaçao. The flavor of the slightly bitter oranges is offset by the addition of sweet and highly aromatic Valencia orange peels. The orange peels are steeped in alcohol; a slow process that infuses the alcohol with the essential oils of the fruit.

DeKuyper Triple Sec is crystal clear with a lightweight, seamlessly smooth body and delicate bouquet of floral and fresh citrus aromas. The liqueur has a semisweet orange palate and a clean, crisp finish without a trace of harshness. All of these qualities make DeKuyper Triple Sec a highly versatile liqueur.

It's a certainty that the brand was created for use in such classic drinks as the Margarita, Kamikaze, Sidecar, Lemon Drop and Long Island Iced Tea. Factor in its reasonable cost and low alcohol content (48-proof) and you have a rock solid performer.