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Demidoff Ultra-Premium Vodka

Demidoff Ultra-Premium


By Robert Plotkin

When Pablo Picasso was asked what three things in life astonished him the most, he answered, "the blues, cubism and Polish vodka." He might have easily been speaking of potato-based Demidoff Ultra-Premium Vodka. A few sips into your first sampling of this elegant spirit and you'll understand why Picasso was astonished.

Brand owner Paul Mantea insists that no expense has been spared in making Demidoff. "Craft distillation is all about the quality of the finished product," says Mantea. "We still make our vodka the same way its always been made here for the past century or so with real people making decisions about each distillation run through our copper still. Real vodka handcrafted by real people."

Demidoff is produced in Southern Poland from certified organic potatoes, which are taken to the distillery where they are fastidiously cleaned, inspected and left unpeeled. They are pressure-cooked, transferred to vats and allowed to slowly ferment over the course of 3 days. A proprietary strain of baker's yeast is used to precipitate fermentation. The fermented mash is sent through the continuous column still a total of four times. Each pass is designed to eliminate certain impurities.

The vodka is then rendered to proof with deep well water and rigorously purified through 12 different types of filters. The various filters add greatly to the vodka's satiny mouthfeel. It is bottled at 40% alcohol (80 proof).

"There's a good reason our vodka is called Ultra-Premium. We make Demidoff with the finest potatoes in Poland, great tasting well water and specialized strain of yeast. There are absolutely no additives or artificial flavors present in our vodka," adds Mantea. "There are many good reasons why Demidoff Ultra-Premium Vodka is consistently rated at the top of its class."

If you're looking for a brand of vodka that's loaded with character and enjoys unlimited creativity behind the bar, then Demidoff is for you. Its rich aromatics and captivating flavors make it a natural choice for use in any vodka-based assignment. That said, what's the rush? Do yourself a favor and first sample Demidoff neat or slightly chilled. It may well be the best thing you've done for yourself all year.