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Dictador Colombian Treasure Aged Gin

Dictador Colombian
Treasure Aged Gin


By Robert Plotkin

Among the discernible trends in the gin category is the aging of the light liquor in oak barrels. It's an attractive notion that is starting to draw the attention of numerous distillers across the globe. Barrel aging profoundly affects both the taste and fragrance of the gin, as well as enhance its appearance. Just imagine the possibilities.

One of these aged beauties already on the market is Dictador Colombian Treasure Aged Gin. Made on a foundation of cane neutral spirits, the gin is infused, in part, with the Colombian hybrid fruit, limon mandarino (lemon/tangerine). After the fifth and final distillation, the young gin is transferred to oak casks used previously for maturing Dictador Rum. The gin spends 35 weeks in oak, long enough for it to develop the enticing look of buttery California Chardonnay. It's bottled at 43% alcohol (86 proof).

Dictador Colombian Treasure is appropriately named. The gin has a satiny, lightweight body and a generous bouquet of citrus, tropical fruit, piney juniper and light floral notes. Its aromatics alone make this a treasure that's well worth the purchase price. The entry is slightly spicy warm as the gin slowly fills the mouth with the deep and layered flavors of baking spices, light fruit and tart citrus. The long finish reveals the delectable effects of its rum aging. The whole experience is top notch.

The famous brand also markets Dictador Colombian Ortodoxy Aged Gin. This aged gem from Cartagena is also made on a foundation of cane neutral spirits, and then infused with a proprietary blend of berries, botanicals, peels, roots and spices. The defining step in its production is the wood finishing in barrels used previously to age Dictador Rum. Prior to being bottled at 43% alcohol (86 proof), its oak-induced color is gently filtered out leaving Ortodoxy Aged Gin shimmery and crystal clear.

The lightweight bodied spirit has a citrus-forward bouquet and a delectable, exotic fruit flavor. However, being colorless, Ortodoxy is definitely the more cocktail-friendly of the two…but not by much. Both are highly aromatic and well executed.

No doubt you'll be favorably impressed with how elegant a wood-finished gin can be.