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Dimmi Liquore di Milano

Dimmi Liquore di Milano


By Robert Plotkin

If the idea of liqueurs doesn't exactly grab your interest, imagine running a popular bar without them. Liqueurs are the essential flavor ingredients in most classic cocktails and bestselling drinks. So while the practice of sipping liqueurs after dinner has all but disappeared, they remain one of the most vital and lucrative potables in the mixologists' arsenal. Fortunately, most new liqueurs are brilliantly delicious and produced in a light, dry style, one more in step with contemporary tastes than classic proprietary liqueurs.

An excellent example is this new style is Dimmi Liquore di Milano. It is an ultra-suave, 70-proof liqueur from Milan made on a base of organic winter wheat spirits and a small amount of grappa di Nebbiolo. The spirits are infused with a century old family recipe of herbs and fruit, including assenzio gentile, anise, vanilla, rhubarb, ginseng and bitter orange. A second floral infusion of delicate peach and apricot blossoms adds a delightful aromatic component to the liqueur.

There is nothing remotely like Dimmi Liquore on your backbar. The crystal clear liqueur has a lightweight, velvety textured body and a complex bouquet of zesty orange, anise, sage, baking spice and dried herbal aromas. The liqueur has a soft gentle entry that raises nary a trace of heat on the palate. It quickly fills the mouth with a savory and semisweet blend of flavors, including anise, vanilla, caramelized oranges, fresh red berries and savory herbs. It finishes warm and long with prominent spice and citrus flavors.

Especially in this cocktail-centric culture, Dimmi Liquore should enjoy an enthusiastic reception. It enjoys scores of creative applications behind the bar, ranging from serving it neat or on the rocks, to featuring it in a hot coffee drinks or specialty Martini. Its orange-forward character also makes it an ideal candidate for use as a modifier in an upscale Margaritas.