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Don Q Coco Rum

Don Q Coco Rum


By Robert Plotkin

One of the underlying precepts of the current cocktail culture is the more delicious the liquor, the more sensational the drink. It's a proposition as irrefutable as gravity. Today's consumers are looking for true and vibrant flavor when it comes to their cocktails. More than that, they're looking for authentic flavors that virtually come alive in a mixed drink. When it comes to replicating the flavors of the rainforest—and beyond—few do it as well as global favorite Don Q Rum and its star-studded stable of incredible flavored rums. Perhaps the best illustration of how remarkable these flavored marvels can be is Don Q Coco Flavored Rum.

One of the storied rum distilleries of the Caribbean, Distilleria Serrallés was founded in 1865 by Don Juan Serrallés at the Hacienda Mercedita sugar plantation outside of the city of Ponce on the southern coast of Puerto Rico. Using a copper pot still he had imported from France, Serrallés began distilling rum from estate-grown cane and pristine spring water. The brand—Don Q—was created in 1935.

Now more than 150 years later after its founding, Destileria Serrallés is one of the oldest family-owned and -operated businesses in the Americas. Serrallés has achieved an international reputation for excellence producing molasses-based, continuous- and pot-distilled Puerto Rican rums.

The venerable brand is made from a blend of rums aged in American white oak barrels for up to 1 1/2 years. Once the rums have reached their desired flavor profile, they are blended together along with natural flavors and gently filtered to remove any trace impurities. The rum is diluted to proof with spring water just prior to bottling.

Don Q Coco is a virtual beverage program in a bottle. The full-bodied rum has a delightful and acutely focused coconut bouquet along with light notes of mango, pineapple, guava and molasses. Little wonder then that Don Q is the bestselling rum in Puerto Rico and its likeness can be found almost everywhere.

The Don Q Coco Flavored Rum joins the all-world range of like-minded flavored spirits, including Don Q Pasión, Don Q Mojito Rum and the ultra-popular Don Q Limón Rum.