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Drambuie Liqueur

Drambuie Liqueur


By Robert Plotkin

If you could pick your family, a good choice would be the Mackinnons of the Isle of Skye. They are the family that makes world famous Drambuie Liqueur. Legend has it that its recipe was brought to Scotland in 1745 by Charles Edward Stuart—who was better known as Bonnie Prince Charles. After his armies were defeated at the Battle of Culloden Moor, Stuart took refuge on the Isle of Skye at the home of Captain Mackinnon. In gratitude the Prince gave his protector the recipe for present day Drambuie.

The Mackinnons introduced the liqueur to the world in 1906. Gaelic for "the drink that satisfies," Drambuie is now made in Edinburgh, Scotland, from a base of single Highland malt and straight grain whiskies. The blend is then infused with a measured dose of spice, herbs and heather honey and bottled at 80 proof.

Ultra-premium Drambuie has a striking amber hue and a medium-weight, satiny textured body. The liqueur has an intriguing bouquet laced with the prominent aromas of anise, dried herbs and subtle notes of peat. The palate is an elegant offering of spice, honey and a satisfying taste of whisky. The finish is especially long and flavorful.

Drambuie is a classic liqueur with unlimited creative possibilities. It's most famous use is in the timeless drink—the Rusty Nail. The rocks drink is a mix of three parts Scotch whisky and a healthy shot of Drambuie. All things being equal, the better the Scotch, the better the resulting drink.