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Dr. Stoner's Fresh Herb Vodka

Dr. Stoner's Fresh
Herb Vodka


By Robert Plotkin

While Dr. Stoner's Fresh Herb Vodka is an intriguing product on its own merit, there are two things I should mention right off the bat about this sensational flavored vodka. First, according to creator Doctor Craig Stoner, DDS, the brand name is legit. The other is that the vodka contains no marijuana. Now as far as I'm concerned, I take his word for it. However, when you add some of the vodka to an iced mixing glass the resulting bouquet is that of all-American, dispensary-fresh cannabis.

The Dr. Stoner's Fresh Herb Vodka is distilled in Virginia Beach, Virginia at the Chesapeake Bay Distillery. It is made entirely from premium corn to which is added a proprietary blend of botanicals and aromatics, including pine, coffee leaves, celery leaf, carrot seed, and hops. The spirit undergoes a light filtration prior to being bottled at 42% alcohol (84 proof).

Dr. Stoner's Fresh Herb Vodka is a classy spirit with astounding depth of character. It has a crystal clear appearance with a medium-weight, velvety textured body and a lush bouquet, one not dissimilar to an artisanal gin. This herbal gem needs a few extra minutes breathing in the glass to fully open revealing the enticing aromas of citrus, hops, cinnamon, ginger, juniper berries and strong wafts of an all too familiar aroma. It raises scant amounts of heat as it glides past the palate, leaving behind traces of citrus, baking spices and dried herbs. The aroma of pot is again discernible on the long finish.

The vodka enjoys scores of applications behind the bar. It is most appropriate to serve the vodka on the rocks or neat, but is also ideal used in vodka-based cocktails. With Dr. Stoner's at the heart of the drink there's no way it will taste remotely like any other vodka libation.

Equally alluring is Dr. Stoner's Smoky Herb Whiskey. The aged marvel is distilled from a mash bill predominantly comprised of corn and is aged in charred, American white oak barrels. After the whiskey has attained optimum maturity, it is dumped in small batches and mixed with Dr. Stoner's proprietary a blend of fresh herbal aromatics. After the botanicals are mixed in the whiskey, it is lightly filtered for purity and bottled at 42.0% alcohol (84 proof).

The Smoky Herb Whiskey will soon be one of the darlings of the flavored whiskey category. The spirit has a pale, amber/reddish hue, a satiny, medium-weight body and a fetching bouquet showcasing the aromas of citrus, cinnamon, cloves, cherries, caramel, coconut milk, nutmeg and pronounced notes of sweet corn. On the palate the whiskey is exceptionally drinkable, a spirit that can easily be quaffed every day. It's markedly complex, spicy and it enjoys a long, lingering herbal finish. Somewhere in the midst of the baking spices and the influence of the charred starves, the character of the marijuana is scaled back.

There is only one small reference to ganja on either of the labels of Dr. Stoner's. Look carefully and you'll see it—it's the mention of their strength of 84 proof, or 42.0% alcohol.