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Dry Fly Washington Dry Gin

Dry Fly Washington
Dry Gin


By Robert Plotkin

Located in Spokane, award-winning Dry Fly Distilling is the first distillery in the state of Washington since the dark days of Prohibition. It is a true craft distillery that embraces a farm-to-bottle approach, producing their spirits from sustainable, locally grown raw ingredients and pristine water drawn from Pacific Northwest aquifers. Among their roster of world-class offerings is Dry Fly Washington Dry Gin.

Be prepared to be seriously wowed. The Washington Dry Gin is fundamentally different from gins of old, particularly because the flavor and aroma of the juniper berries play a secondary role on the palate and nose to the fresh fuji apples. Additionally, the botanical mix features coriander, lavender, peppermint, hops and fresh juniper berries, all of which are immediately evident.

"Ten years ago when we developed our Washington Dry Gin, we decided we wanted to go in a different direction than the rest of the field," says distillery co-owner Kent Fleischmann. "In comparison to traditional gins, our gin comes across as sweet and fragrant with a delightful spray of citrus on the finish. It is remarkably easy to drink."

The gin has crystalline clarity, a lightweight, satiny textured body and a brilliant bouquet comprised of the fresh aromas of sliced apples, piney juniper, peppermint and flowery hops. The gin needs a few extra minutes to breathe to fully open and release its volley of enticing aromas. Your patience will be well rewarded.

The first sniff, sip and swallow will confirm you're in the presence of greatness. Washington Dry Gin is indeed crisp and delicious. The entry features only a trace amount of esophageal heat and a surgically precise palate. The finish is long, dry and spicy warm.

Not a distillery to rest on its laurels, Dry Fly Aged Gin is distilled from soft, white winter wheat and matured for more than a year in barrels used previously to age Dry Fly Wheat Whiskey. The wood imbues the gin with a lovely sandy blonde color.

The Dry Fly Aged Gin is simply remarkable. It has a silky, lightweight body and a bouquet brimming with the aromas of juniper, citrus, vanilla, and caramel. Its aromatics are well worth the price of admission. The gin has a gentle entry and long lasting set of delectable, spicy warm flavors.

Both Dry Fly gins deserve to be experienced neat before proceeding to feature them in a craft cocktail.
Dry Fly is among the very first distilleries to feature spirits made with locally sourced, locally farmed ingredients. Little wonder why in 2013 the American Distilling Institute named Dry Fly the nation's "Distillery of the Year."