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Dulce Dorado Honey & Vanilla Tequila

Dulce Dorado
Honey & Vanilla


By Robert Plotkin

Innovation is a key factor in achieving success. Perceiving whats not on the market, gauging the potential interest in that product and proceeding to fill the need is a time-tested formula. If it sounds easy, its anything but. As evidence, think back on some of the new products you've tasted and questioned what possessed someone to take the plunge on a crazy product like this. Ah, but when an individual succeeds in nailing the process and releases something genuinely marvelous, it makes suffering the other new releases bearable.

Dulce Dorado Honey & Vanilla Tequila is just such a product. Guaranteed that after a few sips you'll wonder why someone hadn't thought of creating something this delectable before.
The honey and vanilla-infused tequila is made at Grupo Industrial Tequilero de Los Altos [NOM 1443] in Jalisco. Brand owners David and Andrea Blunier worked closely with the distillery's master distiller in developing the exact recipe. After numerous versions were tested, the Blunier's eventually perfected the proprietary blend. They knew they had it nailed when their friends and family kept demanding more tasting samples.

Dulce Dorado is a little slice of heaven. In the bottle, the 70-proof tequila has the slightly hazy appearance of a naturally infused spirit; however, in the glass the tequila is crystal clear with a velvety full body and a generous, honey and herbal bouquet. Its aromatics are enormously enticing. The tequila has a warm, gentle entry and a precisely balanced mid-palate brimming with the flavors of heather honey, vanilla beans, citrus zest, clove, cinnamon, cocoa and toffee. The finish is long, flavorful and spicy warm.

The first instinct in any mixologists heart is to immediately begin using Dulce Dorado in cocktails and mixed drinks. While its true the spirit is tailor-made for drink making, it absolutely shines served neat or slightly chilled. It makes an exceptional way to cap off an evening meal.

According to Blunier, Dulce Dorado Tequila is selling so well its supply is often stretched thin. Thats a good problem to have.