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El Tesoro Paradiso Tequila

El Tesoro de Don
Felipe 100% Agave
Paradiso Tequila


By Robert Plotkin

After years of deliberation, the Mexican government has created the designation of Extra Añejo, which signifies that a 100% agave tequila has been aged for three or more years. For generations these ultra-luxurious spirits were reserved for the private use of the maestro tequilero and family, but now anyone with a few extra hundred dollars in their pocket can afford what many consider the epitome of the craft. A handful of these rare añejos are thriving in the States, among them the highly acclaimed El Tesoro de Don Felipe 100% Agave Paradiso Tequila.

The renowned 100% agave tequilas of El Tesoro are handcrafted in the Highlands of Jalisco. They are distilled from estate-grown agaves in the same way they have been for the past 75-years, relying on methods long ago abandoned by other distillers as too expensive or too labor intensive. Paradiso is comprised of a blend of tequilas aged in white oak barrels, each selected for their distinctive characteristics. The tequila is further matured in French oak casks previously used by A. de Fussigny Cognac.

While production is limited, scarcity and demand doesn't begin to explain the tequila's intrinsic value. Paradiso is a rare spirit, one skillfully balanced between the elegance of cognac and the sultry character of tequila, both of which are deeply imbued in its wafting bouquet, velvety textured body and bakery-fresh flavors. If it's true that ingenuity is the mother of invention, then double-barreled Paradiso is a stroke of genius.