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El tesoro Platinum Tequila

El Tesoro de Don
Felipe 100% Agave
Platinum Tequila


By Robert Plotkin

The renowned tequilas of El Tesoro de Don Felipe are handmade at La Alteña, a small distillery located high in the Los Altos Mountains. The Camarena family make their 100% agave tequilas the same way they have for the past 75-years, relying on methods long ago abandoned by other distillers as too expensive or labor intensive.

The super-premium range of small batch tequilas is anchored by critically acclaimed El Tesoro de Don Felipe 100% Agave Platinum Tequila. This extraordinary spirit is unfiltered and unadulterated. It is bottled within 24 hours of distillation in exactly the same state as it left the alembic still. El Tesoro Platinum is crystal clear, light-bodied and brimming with loads of citrus and spicy aromas. Its soft and gentle palate gradually expands, filling the mouth with warm, peppery flavors that persist long into the satisfying finish. The spirit deserves to be sampled neat.

The range also includes El Tesoro Reposado, an elegant and supremely smooth tequila, barrel-aged between 6 and 9 months. The patriarch of the line is the inimitable El Tesoro Añejo, which is matured for 2- to 3-years in small oak bourbon barrels. It has an exceptionally rich palate and a long, supremely satisfying, finish.

El Tesoro Paradiso is an innovative style of tequila. The ultra-luxurious, 5-year old añejo is handcrafted from a blend of El Tesoro tequilas were further matured in French oak barrels previously used to age cognac. Paradiso is a rare and sublime spirit, skillfully balanced between the elegance of cognac and the sultry character of tequila, both of which are deeply imbued in its bouquet, body, flavor and finish.