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Flying Point American Vodka

Flying Point American


By Robert Plotkin

Some products affect you viscerally, while others like Flying Point American Vodka directly engage your intellect. It's a sterling example of how a classically structured vodka doesn't need to be imported from Europe or sideswipe your budget to be considered highly appealing. And don't be misled by the unassuming packaging and its ultra-reasonable SRP of $15 per liter, this is a terrific vodka that's ready to make a splash.

Flying Point is a solid, broad-shouldered spirit produced with American know-how. Distilled and bottled in the Midwest, it is made entirely from American grown corn and then sent through the distillery's continuous distillation process through 5 column stills. Afterwards, the vodka is vigorously filtered through charcoal rendering it essential pure and gloriously neutral. It is bottled at 40% alcohol (80 proof).

If you've ever wondered what's behind the popular fascination mixologists have with vodka behind the bar, a few sips of Flying Point will more than satisfy your curiosity. It has ideal clarity, a silky, lightweight body and a tempered entry onto the palate, thankfully generating little in the way of esophigial burn or unwanted sizzle. Flying Point finishes clean and crisp.

Yet the brand's most laudable characteristic is likely its staunch neutrality. There is something intellectually stimulating about a spirit completely devoid of aroma, color and taste. Therein lies much of its considerable allure. Flying Point will faithfully adopt the flavor and character of whatever is added to it, making it the consummate spirit to feature as the foundation of a contemporary cocktail or mixed drink.

Unlimited applications make all-American Flying Point Vodka an understated gem.