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Forbidden Secret American Cream Liqueur

Forbidden Secret
American Cream


By Robert Plotkin

Mixologists of the world take note. A quick sip is all it takes to know that Forbidden Secret American Cream Liqueur is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. Even sampled at room temperature, the recently released liqueur is delightfully aromatic and fiendishly delicious. A product like this won't be a forbidden secret for long, especially when it's available at an easily affordable price.

The All-American liqueur is made in Wisconsin on a base of fresh cream from the Galloway Dairy and 86 proof Jailers Premium Tennessee Whiskey. For the finishing touch, master distiller David Scheurich adds a blend of rich dark chocolate and robust espresso coffee. The liqueur is bottled at an accessible 15% alcohol by volume (30 proof).

Forbidden Secret American Cream Liqueur is a lip-smacking treasure, a gustatory dream come true. It has a beige hue, a lightweight, velvety textured body and the captivating coffee and dark chocolate aroma of a mocha cappuccino. The bouquet alone is irresistible. Its smooth, creamy palate is a delicate balance of cocoa, vanilla, espresso and pure dairy cream. The liqueur's lingering finish is laced with the subtle flavor of chocolate and fine Tennessee whiskey. It's a sublime experience from start to finish.

That it is being fabulously well received is hardly a surprise. Forbidden Secret is expertly crafted and lacks the cloying finish often present in cream liqueurs. As good as it is sipped slightly chilled, it may even be better when mixed with hot coffee and cappuccinos, or poured over ice cream. That said, the liqueur has countless applications behind the bar ranging from Brandy Alexanders and signature B-52s to White Russians and Keoki Coffees.

As if to accentuate its status as an affordable indulgence, Forbidden Secret is marketed in a bottle surfaced with the equivalent of a new car finish. It feels as if you're running your hands over the hood of a luxury sedan.

The bottom line is if something so delicious is deemed forbidden then cry havoc and over throw the powers that be. We as a people deserve this stuff. Kudos!