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GIVEN Liqueur

GIVEN Liqueur


By Robert Plotkin

For a liqueur to strike it rich in the American market it must above all else possess a character than can't be replicated by some other means. The flavors in the majority of liqueurs can be recreated behind the bar. Of course a liqueur must first have a flavor that one would want to imitate. That said, French import GIVEN Liqueur will be well received by American mixologists. It's singularly delicious and you couldn't replicate its brilliant flavor and aroma in a month of Sundays. Scour your backbar if you must, but you'll find nothing remotely like this inspired, cocktail-friendly liqueur.

Part of the tremendous appeal of GIVEN (pronounced "gee-vahn") is derived from knowing how it is made. The process begins in the Highlands of the Los Altos Mountains of Jalisco, Mexico. There the finest handcrafted tequila is selected to serve as the spirit base for the liqueur. The unaged tequila is transported across the Atlantic to the heart of the Cognac region of France. There it is taken to a family-operated distillery and slowly macerated with fresh limes. At the same time, ripe Sauvignon Blanc grapes are compressed and allowed to gradually crystallize into an all-natural sweetener. The Sauvignon Blanc grape syrup is then added to the lime-infused tequila to create balance and harmony. It is bottled at 17% alcohol (34 proof).

GIVEN Liqueur is a unique and thoroughly refreshing taste sensation. It has a light greenish hue, a satiny medium-weight body and an herbaceous, zesty citrus bouquet. Its enticing aromatics are somewhat reminiscent of a classically prepared Margarita. Again, there's nothing on the backbar to compare it to. The liqueur has a delectably tart palate with a true-to-fruit lime flavor. The well-balanced finish is long and satisfying. Be fully prepared to be impressed.

GIVEN Liqueur is capable of changing how you make Margaritas, Gimlet, Kamikazes and Daiquiris. In fact, any lime-based cocktail would benefit greatly from a dose of this French phenom. It also makes a marvelous aperitif on the rocks or served chilled.

It's not often that you come across a unique product like GIVEN. Possessed with nearly unlimited creative applications, the liqueur should enjoy a long and prosperous stay here in the States.