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GranGala Liqueur

Triple Orange
Liqueur, Imported


By Robert Plotkin

Among the biggest beneficiaries of the ongoing cocktail renaissance is Imported GranGala Triple Orange Liqueur, which has repeatedly proven itself to be a world-class player in signature Margaritas. As delectable as the liqueur may be when sipped from a snifter, it's an even more brilliant performer when presented in a cocktail. To know GranGala is to adore it.

The liqueur is made at Distillerie Stock in Trieste, Italy, a firm that has been producing brandy, vermouth and liqueurs for more than a century. GranGala is an infusion of Stock 1984 VSOP brandy and sweet Tarocco, Bionda and Rossa orange peels from Sicily. The infusion is redistilled and the heart of the run is used to make the liqueur. The spirit is then barrel-aged to ensure its constituent elements are allowed to fully integrate prior to being bottled at 80 proof.

The craftsmen at Distillerie Stock have imbued GranGala with a fetching orange/bronze color, a satiny medium-weight body and a generous bouquet saturated with the aromas of spice, brown sugar and sun-ripened oranges. Its wafting aromatics play a large role in its charm and creative range. The lush, complex palate delivers warm waves of flavor, the likes of which include caramelized fruit and bittersweet oranges with brandy notes. GranGala's trademark finish seals the deal. It's long, balanced, warm and flavorful, qualities that allow it to perform so admirably in cocktails.

The natural inclination is to serve an elegant liqueur like GranGala in a heated snifter or perhaps on the rocks. But as mentioned, the liqueur also enjoys many popular applications behind the bar, most noteworthy as a modifier in a wide range of specialty Margaritas. Its brandy base and exuberant orange flavor make it an ideal modifier. In a recent national drink competition, for example, the judge's winning entry was the Chambeli Cocktail, an exquisite, surgically balanced drink made with GranGala, Aperol and gin.

While there may be more expensive liqueurs on the market, you'll be hard pressed to find one as capable of contributing to the greater good than Italian GranGala. Salute!