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Hacienda Reposado Tequila

Hacienda Vieja 100% de
Agave Reposado Tequila

By Robert Plotkin

One would expect that the people of Mexico know a thing or two about tequila. Reposados are the bestselling style of tequila in its country of origin, possibly because they strike a balance between the fresh exuberance of a silver tequila and the mellow refinement of an añejo. Few demonstrate this balancing act as masterfully as Hacienda Vieja 100% de Agave Reposado Tequila.

The flourishing brand is made at Destiladora de Los Altos in the high altitudes of the mountains surrounding Arandas, Jalisco. The blue agaves used to make Hacienda Vieja grow nearby where they thrive in rich, red volcanic soil and the warm, dry microclimate. Immediately upon harvesting, the agaves are baked in stainless steel autoclaves and double-distilled in state of the art column stills. The distillery ages its tequilas in new, white oak barrels for a minimum of 6-months.

Hacienda Vieja Reposado is a classically structured tequila—robust, exuberant and loaded with personality. It has a textured medium-weight body and a spicy, peppery bouquet with vanilla and floral notes. Its initial attack is warm and assertive and fills the mouth with the flavors of black pepper, dried herbs and toffee. The flavorful finish is warming, but not the least bit harsh.

While the tequila may be a relative newcomer, the family behind the brand is no stranger to the tequila limelight. The patriarch—Don Felix Bañuelos—himself was the master tequilero at Destiladora de Los Altos and originator of Cazadores Tequila. Hacienda Vieja is produced under the same strict guidelines and quality standards.