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Hard Luck Candy Root Beer Barrel Vodka

Hard Luck Candy
Root Beer Barrel Vodka


By Robert Plotkin

If someone doesn't have a good time behind the bar with Hard Luck Candy Root Beer Barrel Vodka, check his or her pulse and call a medic. Launched in 2010, the brilliantly flavored vodka is an unpretentious, great tasting spirit that's chaffing at the bit to have some fun.

Hard Luck Candy is a line of flavored vodkas produced in Michigan from neutral grain spirits in a technologically advanced continuous still. The vodka is then infused with proprietary flavors and bottled at a reasonable 70 proof (35% alcohol by volume).

Hard Luck Candy Root Beer Barrel is a lighthearted product that was created for good times and to raise a few smiles. The amber/brown colored vodka has a lush, full body and the aroma of freshly poured root beer, a convincing recreation of sarsaparilla's semisweet and somewhat bitter bouquet. The vodka immediately fills the mouth with the flavor of a sudsy root beer, which persists on the palate for an impressively long time.

Here's a vodka with unlimited creative potential behind the bar. It mixes beautifully with a wide range of spirits and liqueurs. Its slightly bitter edge is a wonderful counterbalance to the sweeter ingredients often used in cocktails. Among its roster of sumptuous specialty drinks are the Melted Root Beer Float (Root Beer Barrel Vodka, cola and cream), the Root Beer Russian (Root Beer Barrel Vodka, Kahlúa and cream) and the Detroit Cooler (Root Beer Barrel Vodka and Ginger Ale).

"We launched our line of candy flavored vodka because we saw such a great response to the flavors we experimented with at our bar," says Chris George, COO of Hard Luck Candy. "People's faces would light up when they tasted the vodkas and it tasted just like the candy they loved. We felt that there was a broad segment of the market that would enjoy these flavors as they are based on candies that have been enjoyed for generations."

All of the Hard Luck Candy Vodkas are drink-making marvels. Its all-star range also includes Hard Luck Candy Orange Dream Vodka, a 70-proof recreation of the frozen summer classic, the Creamsickle; Hard Luck Candy Red Fish, a berry flavored treat, and the neon-colored Hard Luck Candy Lemon Drop.

The watchword with today's consumers is flavor. Drinks need to be brilliantly flavored if they are going to be a smash hit at the bar. Hard Luck Candy Vodkas make that a certainty.